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About Us

Living Room Interior w/Curtains, Table, Couch & Rug

Beginning in 1979 Nancy Henderson, worked hard to achieve Her American Dream: Becoming the owner of Sacramento’s largest Small Business Referral Agency, SunnyMaids & More Referral Agency handles daily referrals for over 44,000 clients.

Nancy Henderson discovered early in her business life the winning combination for a successful business: The secret’s of giving 110% has, when combined with Honesty, Reliability, Professional Quality and Perseverance, has kept her customers coming back and eager to refer their friends and family members. Astute advertising did the rest to make her Registry Sacramento’s largest and finest.

“Referring a Professional Small Business into your home is a personal thing,” says Nancy. “A person’s home is a private sanctuary”. Golden Rule principles are paramount in the Businesses that SunnyMaids & More Referral Agency registers. After 40 years in business, Nancy is continuing to use her people skills to find and register the very best privately owned & licensed small businesses available. “Patiently searching for those that value and display high principles has been worth the work”, says Nancy Henderson.

Entering the main SunnyMaids & More office in Roseville, California, you will find remnants of Nancy’s 2nd American Dream – The opening of Tuscany Art + Home Decor Gallery. Through “Tuscany Gallery” Nancy sold her own creations of Napa Valley & Mediterranean Vineyard Original Oil Paintings, along with Prints and Hand Painted Canvas Transfers. She learned custom framing and the art of designing beautiful silk floral arrangements, which she sold along with unique lamps and much more. In business, it truly pays to be honest, and have impeccably high principles. Although Nancy sold Tuscany Gallery in 2013, the experience of providing high quality art to beautify homes and offices, continues to set a high bar for the quality of house cleaning services she looks for in the privately owned small businesses she refers.