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Bathroom Cleaning

An Elegant BathroomPrivately Owned Licensed Businesses referred generally offer the following:

Professional Hint’s:

The Privately Owned Licensed Businesses Referred State that some items take more time than a General Clean allows, such as:

Deep cleaning or restoration cleaning of water spots & mildew usually take more time then a general clean allows. Water spots may not be able to be removed, some water spots are etched into the glass. Heavily used showers usually require more time. It is recommend that a daily maintenance using a squeegee on all glass and tile surfaces along with a towel to dry edges after each shower.

Outside of cabinets washed finger prints, however, inside of cabinets only upon request (as time permits). If your bathroom has heavy use the items on the counter-tops and other items may not be included in a light general cleaning.

Bathrooms condition’s are: Light, moderate or heavy use. This will determine the amount of time needed for cleaning. If your bathroom is moderate to heavy use usually always order more time, call today for more information. See General Cleaning for more information.